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Our Team

Our Team

Dr. Pierre -Andre Blain Owner

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Patricia Nadeau

I am part of the Anjou Veterinary Clinic for over 13 years. It is with passion that I have become a (tsa) and especially a person with great patience, empathy and love for your little ones. My mission to my clients is that they feel at home. hope to see you.

Diane Castonguay

I am an animal lover from smallest to largest, from the youngest to the oldest. For me they all have a few little something unique and special and enriched my life every day.

Martine Nadeau

Manager and tsa. For over fifteen years I have passion as the well being of your furry little loves. I take seriously the health of your pet. I ensure that it is well cared for, comfortable, peaceful, and my customers feel good between hand is my priority.

Cassandra Larocque Lebrasseur

Hi, I’m using technician at the clinic. Always happy to help you to the best of my ability so that your pets can live a healthy and balanced life

Mokdad rouabah


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